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The people living on the Elephant Coast have a rich cultural heritage, with traditional customs still evident in ceremonies that occur in homesteads throughout the region. A traditional Zulu homestead was historically built in a circular format on sloping ground. The home of the headman stood at the highest point, with those of his wives hierarchically positioned on both sides. An inner circle housed the wealth of the family, the cattle and grain.

Most homesteads today are built in a mixture of styles, with materials either being bought or collected. In most homestead clusters, a traditional beehive hut is still constructed. As you drive through the Elephant Coast, you will pass many community craft markets along the side of the road, where locally produced pottery, baskets, and woodwork are on sale.

There are several cultural villages that provide an historical experience of Zulu traditional life. Learn about the tasks performed by different members of a community, watch energetic Zulu dancing and taste traditionally brewed sorghum beer.

For those wanting to have a more contemporary cultural encounter with the local residents of the area, walking tours to visit a local school for an insight into education issues and a nearby homestead to hear about the everyday challenges facing local communities, can be arranged.

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