Euro 2024 Clash: France vs Belgium Live Updates and Highlights as Griezmann Returns in Dusseldorf Showdown

  • Landon Pickering
  • 1 Jul 2024
Euro 2024 Clash: France vs Belgium Live Updates and Highlights as Griezmann Returns in Dusseldorf Showdown

Euro 2024 Last-16 Match: France vs Belgium

The much-anticipated Euro 2024 last-16 match between France and Belgium is underway in Dusseldorf. Both teams are renowned for their formidable football prowess, making this one of the most electrifying fixtures of the tournament so far. As the teams line up, France in their traditional white and Belgium in dark red, the atmosphere in the stadium is charged with excitement.

From the opening seconds, it is clear that both sides are resolved to play an intense and strategic game. Adrien Rabiot of France takes an ambitious volley early on, but it misses the mark, flying wide. The tempo of the match is brisk with both teams displaying their technical abilities, working the ball adeptly on the deck.

Opening Moments and Key Plays

The first notable action in the game arrives in the 5th minute when Belgium's Jeremy Doku tries to capitalize on his exceptional speed. However, the alert French keeper swiftly clears the potential danger. Moments later, in the 9th minute, Antoine Griezmann gets his first clear sight of goal, but his shot is comfortably saved by Koen Casteels, Belgium's goalkeeper.

As the match progresses, France gradually establishes dominance over Belgium. A corner won in the 13th minute gives Kylian Mbappe a chance to strike, but his effort is deflected wide, the ball ricocheting off Amadou Onana. Belgium's defensive strategy becomes apparent, as they settle into a deep, compact formation, making it difficult for France to find clear openings.

France continues to press forward, showcasing relentless determination. In the 15th minute, a corner kick taken by Griezmann finds Marcus Thuram, but instead of finding the back of the net, Thuram sends the ball high, drawing a collective gasp from the fans. Belgium remains steadfast in their defending, allowing France to circulate the ball but minimizing actual threats to their goal.

Mid-Game Analysis and Tactical Adjustments

As we move into the 17th minute, the pattern of the game remains unchanged: France probing for weaknesses, Belgium resisting resolutely. Rabiot attempts another shot two minutes later, but his effort flies over the bar. Kevin De Bruyne finds himself orchestrating defensive efforts, exhibiting his versatility on the pitch.

The 21st minute marks a significant moment when Doku, displaying skill and pace, forces a clumsy challenge from Griezmann. The resulting yellow card adds to the already palpable tension of the match. The historical context of this rivalry adds an extra layer of excitement for the fans. Since their first meeting in 1904, France and Belgium have faced off numerous times, with Belgium slightly ahead in the win count with 30 victories to France's 26, and 19 draws.

Historical Rivalry Revisited

The storied rivalry between these two footballing giants is revisited in full force tonight. France, eager to avenge their last loss to Belgium, approaches the clash with a combination of fervor and tactical acumen. Belgian supporters, equally passionate, hold their breath with every advance and counter-attack.

Ideal weather conditions in Dusseldorf provide a perfect backdrop for this high-stakes encounter. The atmosphere inside the stadium is electric, with fans from both nations creating a vibrant, noisy backdrop. Expectations are sky-high, and as the game unfolds, the tactical mind games between the coaches, player performances, and every near-miss keep the audience on the edge of their seats.


As we continue to follow this engaging contest, it becomes evident that both teams possess the quality and ambition to triumph. The stakes are immense, and every play, tackle, and shot brings the fans closer to a potential defining moment of the tournament. Stay tuned for more live updates and in-depth analysis as this thrilling Euro 2024 match between France and Belgium progresses.

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