2024 MLS All-Star Game: Anticipation Builds Over Messi's Potential Participation Against Liga MX Stars

  • Landon Pickering
  • 30 May 2024
2024 MLS All-Star Game: Anticipation Builds Over Messi's Potential Participation Against Liga MX Stars


The 2024 MLS All-Star Game is set to take place on July 24, a date fans have circled on their calendars in anticipation of a thrilling soccer spectacle. This highly-anticipated event will pit the finest talents from Major League Soccer (MLS) against a select squad from Liga MX in a battle for supremacy. As the fixture marks only the third time these two leagues come head-to-head in the 28-year history of the All-Star Game, the buildup is filled with excitement and palpable tension.

Historical Context

The rivalry between MLS and Liga MX has been a longstanding one, with numerous debates over which league holds the upper hand in terms of talent, competitiveness, and international appeal. Events like the Leagues Cup and the All-Star Game serve as battlegrounds for these debates, giving fans a chance to witness firsthand the strengths and weaknesses of each league's top players when they collide on the pitch.

A Debate Fueled by Success

A Debate Fueled by Success

The arrival of Lionel Messi to Inter Miami and their subsequent triumph in the Leagues Cup last year has added a new layer to the ongoing discourse. Messi, arguably the greatest soccer player of his generation, has brought an immediate spotlight to MLS. His influence was instrumental in Inter Miami's success, and this has emboldened MLS supporters who argue that their league is on par, if not superior, to its Mexican counterpart.

Messi's Role and Speculation

However, there's a significant question mark hovering over Messi's participation in the 2024 All-Star Game. Due to Argentina's commitments in the Copa América, which coincides with the All-Star Game, Messi's availability remains uncertain. Despite this, his name appears on the MLS All-Star Fan Vote page, fueling speculation and hopeful anticipation among fans.

Logistics and Selection

The selection of the 26-man roster for the MLS All-Star team is no small feat. Wilfried Nancy, along with MLS commissioner Don Garber, and votes from MLS players, supporters, and media members are responsible for curating the lineup. The voting process, which concludes on June 10, also includes a separate vote to determine the team captain. This democratic approach ensures that fans have a significant say in the composition of the team that will take on Liga MX's elite.

Potential Lineups and Strategies

As voting progresses and the debate over potential lineups intensifies, both teams' strategies begin to take shape. Fans and analysts speculate about the formations and tactical approaches that could give their respective leagues the upper hand. For MLS, having Messi on the roster would not only be a strategic advantage but also a psychological boost. His presence alone can shift the dynamics of any game, turning it in favor of the team he represents.

The Intrigue of the Unknown

The Intrigue of the Unknown

The uncertainty surrounding Messi adds to the game’s intrigue. If he does participate, it will be a significant moment, likely drawing one of the largest global television audiences for an All-Star soccer match. On the other hand, if he is absent, it sets the stage for other rising stars and seasoned veterans in MLS to step up and showcase their talents against formidable opponents from Liga MX.

Impact on Fans and Media

The buzz around the All-Star Game extends beyond the pitch. Media coverage is intense, with pundits dissecting every potential player, strategy, and outcome. Fans engage in endless debates on social media, bolstered by their biases towards MLS or Liga MX. The marketing and promotional campaigns leading up to the event are designed to maximize viewership and engagement, making the game not just a sporting event but a cultural phenomenon.

Economic and Cultural Implications

From an economic perspective, the collaboration between MLS and Liga MX for such high-profile events generates significant revenue streams through ticket sales, broadcasting rights, and merchandise. These events foster a growing relationship between the two leagues, with potential implications for future collaborations and competitions.

Cultural Exchange

The All-Star Game also serves as a cultural exchange, bringing together fans and players from different backgrounds to celebrate the sport they love. It bridges gaps and fosters mutual respect and admiration between the leagues and their supporters. This, in turn, could lead to a more united and expansive soccer community in North America.



The 2024 MLS All-Star Game on July 24 promises to be a memorable encounter, providing a platform for top-tier soccer talent to shine. With the potential participation of Lionel Messi adding a layer of intrigue, the event is set to capture the imaginations of soccer fans around the world. As the date approaches, the excitement and anticipation keep building, underscoring the significance of this clash between MLS and Liga MX. Whether Messi graces the pitch or not, the All-Star Game stands as a testament to the growing prestige and competitive spirit of North American soccer.

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